Kobe Bryant ‘You Showed Us’ Commercial

About two weeks ago, Kobe Bryant tore his achilles against the Warriors. Kobe was falling to the ground hard during the game. The achilles injury came with around 3 minutes left in the game. He drove to the left on Harrison Barnes and fell to the ground. Everyone at home and in the arena knew something was wrong. Bryant limped to the sideline for a timeout, and after that timeout he lined up at the line to shoot his free throws. He made both of them, and when the Warriors inbounded the ball, Steve Blake fouled Steph Curry right away so they could get Kobe out of the game. While Kobe was walking off, he received a standing ovation and went straight to the locker room.

The injury could not come at a worse time. Bryant was trying to lead his team into the playoffs, and there were only a couple of games left in the regular season. The Lakers ended up making the playoffs but got swept by the Spurs. The team just is not the same without Kobe. In honor of him, Nike put out a 4 minute commercial recollecting his career thus far. In all honesty, I am not a big Kobe fan; I never liked him. After watching the video, I gained tons of respect for him. Under the comments section for the video, people commented about how they cried from watching it. He plays his heart out every night, and plays through all types of injures. Kobe proves all the doubters wrong. The Black Mamba will come back from this injury and prove everyone wrong again. Below is the Nike ‘You Showed Us’ Commercial:


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