Why The Jets Had A Good Draft

Media criticism of professional sports teams in New York will always be greater than most cities. This is simply due to the multitude of mass media organizations that exist in the area. The team that has received the most attention is arguably the Jets. This fact in its own right is outstanding considering the Giants have recently won two Superbowls and that the Yankees, the most successful sports franchise, share the same town.

Where the Jets lack in on-field accolades, they compensate four times over in controversies. With the boisterous and self-proclaimed prognosticator head-coach, Rex Ryan brought a lot of attention to the team. His players followed suit, as The New York Jets became notorious for trash-talking. While this was tolerable and entertaining while the team was successful, it quickly became an “old act” as the team began performing poorly.

This of course caused the Jets to transition from the “media darlings” to public enemy number one. From the butt-fumble topping Sportscenter’s not top plays to Rex Ryan’s “tattoo” and his foot fetish. While this criticism is warranted, I believe that it has skewed coverage of the postives of the organization. For instance, Muhammad Wilkerson had a borderline Pro-bowl season, but received little recognition. Quinton Coples had a good end to the season and Antonio Cromartie established himself as a number one CB. This past draft class (2013) has been criticized and in my eyes, unduly.

With the 9th pick in the draft the Jets selected the top rated defensive back in Dee Milliner. Players that they had been linked to were already taken, i.e. Dion Jordan (unlikely to drop to them anyway), Tavon Austin, Barkevious Mingo, and Ezekiel Ansah. With Revis gone, DB was a need, although not the most pressing. Instead of reaching for a QB or another position, the Jets selected a player that gave them the greatest value at their pick.

The main criticism of this pick was essentially that the Jets traded a hall-of-fame talent for an unproven player at the same level. While at face value there is an obvious drop off in talent, the Jets simply could not afford paying Revis 16 million a year. Especially coming off a serious injury and considering the current QB is essentially dead weight and being paid very highly, as well as other contracts to be signed, they had no choice.

With the 13th pick they selected Sheldon Richardson, a DT from Missouri. He is said to have great gap penetrating skills as he posses quick twitch speed and hand movement. This pick has been criticized as the Jets have two young first rounders and a second pick invested in their d-line.

Considering the Jets play mostly 3-4, this pick does not make much sense. Prior to the draft, a big need was a OLB that could rush the passer. This pick is explained by a few things. First, Rex has openly admitted to wanting to use more 4-3 fronts. Secondly, Quinton Coples, towards the end of the last season, was playing a “rush line backer”. This is where a linebacker lines up with his hand on the ground and pursues the QB. Over the four final games, he had 3.5 sacks.

Geno Smith, though to be the top rated QB in the draft,was taken in the second round by the team. Obviously,the the QB position is in a state of flux with Sanchez struggling and the presence of Tim Tebow. While I would have preferred the Jets to wait until next year’s draft class, Geno Smith was a good value pick at this position.

While being criticized for his understanding of defenses, he does posses the physical skills necessary to be a starter in the NFL. This pick makes good sense to me if you let Geno sit on the bench and perfect his play, while sheltering him from being abused on and off the field. Perhaps you throw Sanchez out there, David Garrad, or, for the love of God, Tim Tebow.

The fourth round pick was traded for Chris Ivory, an often injured, but highly talented, hard nosed running back of the New Orleans Saints. Considering they have Bilal Powell and recently signed Mike Goodson, the Jets now have a competent set of RBs.

Now what goes with a good running back core? Full backs and offensive lineman. That is what the Jets spent their remaining picks on. With two of their starts gone, the Jets had a serious need in this position.

Brian Winters is expected to be a 2013 starter while former DT, WIlliam Campbell and OL Oday Aboushi are expected to be “prospects”.

However, they do posses skills necessary to be,at the least, solid organizational depth. With their final pick, they selected Tommy Bohanon, a FB who can double as a tight end type, essential to the Morty Mornhinweg system.

This Jets draft was not about the 2013 Jets needs, but rather gaining depth in a push for the future. Under new leadership, I look for the Jets to acquire talent and steadily improve.


5 thoughts on “Why The Jets Had A Good Draft

  1. Here’s my issue with the Jets draft AJ. Even without Revis last year, the Jets finished in with the league’s 3rd best pass defense. (not exactly sure it was 3rd, but it was near the top of the league) I don’t hate the Milliner pick, but they could and should have taken Warmack to solidify their offensive line. Then at 13, they 100% should have taken Tyler Eifert. Even though the Jets are moving to a 4-3 next year, DT was a position they were already pretty set at. Regardless of who plays Q for the Jets next year, whether it’s Sanchez, Garrard, or Smith (0% chance Tebow gets a start next year), can’t succeed if they don’t have weapons to throw the ball too. Santonio Holmes is coming off injury, Stephen Hill has rock hands, I like Kerley in the slot but that’s all you have. That’s an atrocious receiving core. With 2 picks in the top 15, you needed to get a weapon somehow. I’m not sold on Geno but they didn’t reach for him, so can’t argue that pick. The Jets offense ranked 30th in the league last year, their defense ranked 8th. Needed to help the offense out.

    • This draft is deep with OL talent, Brian Winters supposedly is ready to start at guard and the Jets have signed Willie Colon, a veteran guard and they drafted two “projects: or developmental players behind them. Also, second round pick two years, Vladimir Ducasse is improving, but is by no means a starter. The Milliner pick was about picking the best value, and considering the later round OL prospects I cant argue with their pick. But, I also can see where you are coming from as obviously, Warmack is the better. Possibly another reason the Milliner pick makes sense is that Wilson performs best in the slot and considering the loss of Landry and Yeremiah Bell, the Jets DBs are bound to have a fall off in talent and production. Milliner is a very versatile player and in combination with the young safety they drafted last year, who they are really high on, the Jets felt comfortable with this defensive back field. With this inexperience in DBs, perhaps they believed they needed to acquire a DL so they can move Coples to generate pressure, making it easier for their DBs. However, I agree, the Jets had a bigger need at receiver and Eifert would fill that. It really goes to show their philosophy is all about the defense. This also shows that they will not start Smith, or else they would have built a team around him. While this is a stretch, they did sign 6’5 Hayden Smith, who is a former rugby star that runs really well. Kerley is good in the slot, Hill was raw and the Jets knew it, and despite his overall season, he had highlights that show what he is capable of, and Holmes should be, at the least, a serviceable reciever. They are going to add some veteran reciever, most likely Braylon Edwards, for depth. If they do not go for skill position players in the next draft, I will be a very angry Jets fan.

      • Heard Schefter say on Sportscenter this morning “The Jets are putting Geno Smith on the fast track to be their starter on Week 1. They don’t want him to sit out, they want him to play now.” With that being said, whether Smith has the football talent of RGIII or Jamarcus Russell, it’s going to be hard for him to succeed throwing to Holmes and Kerley and NO ONE else. If teams double Holmes, it’s a wrap. I don’t hate the Jets draft,Milliner and Richardson are both good players, I just think they could have done much better. If I was grading this draft, I’d give them a low C+

      • What kept the Jets from having a fantastic draft was the Rams taking Austin. They had him and milliner and then Richardson on their big board. My understanding was that the QB position was a open competition between all three QBs. I still think that unless Smith wows, he won’t start, which he shouldn’t. But should he, the run game will be improved as they now have three competent backs, Kerley, a “healthy” Holmes, and a, at the very least, a marginally improved Hill. They went by their draft big board and got the best value—btw your grade is lower then Kiper, who gave them a B haha.

  2. Kiper went 2/32 in his first round mock draft. I went 6/32. Lucas>Kiper haha But really, Austin would have been perfect, and obviously he wasn’t there so they had to make do with what they had. Hopefully they prove me wrong and Richardson turns into a stud and Eifert sucks, because nothing is better than when both the Giants and the Jets are good. As for the QB situation, Sanchez should start. Smith will start. He’s Rex Ryans last hope at keeping his job.

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