Buck, The Last Of His Kind

While watching the Met game with fellow Sports Nation 365 contributor, Tim, we both noticed John Buck’s helmet. Known for being a field general as well as a catcher with some serious pop, he is also known for his extravagant helmet designs.

Here are some pre-2013 designs:

This year he pays tribute to various “symbols” of New York:

It features The Statue of Liberty, The Big Apple, The Brooklyn Bridge the New York skyline, and the 7 train.

Obviously these designs are awesome, but according to Buck “under the new licensing agreements, Wilson designs them all now, but I’ve been grandfathered in. I just wanted to show the people how much I enjoyed coming to New York.” Currently John Buck is the only player allowed to wear these colorful helmets, no other players will be able to get a deal like his.

Another shame of the whole thing is that each year, the helmet is auctioned off for charity. Thus, as he concludes “It seems like the flashier the helmet, the more they pay,” Buck said, “It’s for the kids, so I’ll do the flashy helmet.” Awesome stuff all of the way around, too bad contractual obligations got in the way of this.


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