Breaking News: Darrelle Revis To Take Physical in Tampa

According to sources, the New York Jets have cleared Darrelle Revis to take a physical in Tampa and negotiate a contract with the Bucs.

While the trade between the two teams seemed to be fizzling due to the Jets demands of picks (Tampa Bay #13 overall as well as a third and 2014 draft pick), it appears now

that the trade is all but inevitable.

Update: Revis has passed the physical- trade to include 13th overall pick and more.

The relationship between Revis and the Jets has been rocky ever sincehis holdout which ended in a contract that was below his standards. It continued to sour with the poor performance of the team these past two seasons as well as Revis seeing a doctor that the Jets did not recommend.

On top of this, the Jets’ cap room and future cap room is very tight at the commencement of this offseason. With Revis’s demands for $16 million a year and various roster bonuses, it created a situation that could not be remedied. The Buccaneers are reportedly willing to give $16 million per year in an effort to improve on their pass defense, ranked last in 2012-2013.

If this trade goes through and the 13th overall pick is included, it will be interesting to see where the Jets go. As a Jets fan, I pray that they do not reach for any QB, but rather take the best player available. With so many needs, having two solid first round choices would be a massive step in the right direction. Look for them to choose an OLB/DE hybrid and an offensive lineman.

Update: The trade has gone through, for the above demands


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