Ryan Lochte’s Ridiculous Interview

Everyone knows Ryan Lochte from the Olympics. He is one of the best swimmers in the world along with Michael Phelps. Lochte was on Good Day Philadelphia and talked about his new show coming out called What Would Ryan Lochte Do? I’m sure the anchors of the news station knew about Ryan Lochte and how bad he is at interviews, but sometimes you just cannot hold in your laughs.

Here is the interview of Lochte:


After watching the video in class, AJ and I could not hold in our chuckles from the interview, and AJ actually got called on in class because we were seen laughing. Lochte had some wise words for his life, “If you’re a man at night, you got to be a man in the morning.” That was the first thing he said in this interview. After hearing that, I knew this was going to be great. The anchors went on to ask if it was weird with cameras following him and asked if they followed him in the bathroom. Lochte’s best possible answer for this was “Well… there’s like a mirror with a sink, and then you have the bathroom.” Are you kidding me? What kind of answer is that? The anchors let Lochte go after that, and once Lochte was gone, the anchors could not hold it in anymore. They continuously laughed for a solid 30 seconds on air. Ryan Lochte should seriously consider never to be interviewed again.


One thought on “Ryan Lochte’s Ridiculous Interview

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