Brittney Griner Comes Out

Not too long ago, the mere utterance or hint of being a homosexual was nearly a death sentence. Coming out was not an option, as loved ones would most likely abandon and criticize them. Living a double life was an option but was just as difficult as trying to hide it.

The amount of pain that these individuals have endured over the course of their lives, as well as all of those who have faced this issue across human history is amazing and horrifying concept.

However, in recent times there has been growing acceptance of homosexuals. From gay marriage being passed in Spain, Portugal, South Africa, and nine other countries to the increasing amount of organizations and outreach programs that help kids and adults alike deal with being who they are.

One of the leading forces that is spring boarding the movement is the announcement of gay celebrities. While there has not been many male star players that have come out, one man has. His name is Gareth Thomas and he is massive both in stature and in popularity in sports.

During his interview with Real Sports of HBO he said “I am just waiting for the American Athlete to come out. I know they are out there, they just have not come out yet”.

Here are some highlights:

While this has held true up until this point, there has been a very famous athlete come out. Brittney Griner, the recent number one overall pick in the WNBA draft came out of the closet. While female gay athletes are more accepted than those of their male counterparts, this is still huge for the LGBT movement.

When asked about if her being in the spotlight made it harder for her, her response was “It really wasn’t too difficult, I wouldn’t say I was hiding or anything like that,” Griner said. “I’ve always been open about who I am and my sexuality. So, it wasn’t hard at all. If I can show that I’m out and I’m fine and everything’s OK, then hopefully the younger generation will definitely feel the same way.”

I hope that others will follow her lead, so that they too can come into the light and be who they are. To end their pain and suffering and to finally enjoy their lives.


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