What is German Volume Training? Is it an effective workout?

First off German Volume Training (GVT), Is a Workout style that involves taking one body part, and doing a total of 100 reps with one exercise. For example, If you were to do biceps, a workout would look something like 10 sets of 10 reps of barbell curls. This may not seem like a lot, but it will cause tremendous muscle soreness. Due to its direct intensity on a specific muscle or muscle group, it will add muscle mass very quickly! It should be done for about 4 weeks before cycling off for a week or two to avoid overtraining. Below is a template for a week of GVT. Feel free to replace exercises if you feel the need to, or if you have an injury/preference. The weight should be around 60% of your 1 rep max. Getting 10 reps for all 10 sets should be a HUGE challenge.

Push/Pull/Legs – Beginner Lifters (0-6 months of Lifting Experience)

Push – Military press 10×10/ Bench Press 10×10/ SkullCrushers 10×10

Pull – Barbell Row 10×10/ Barbell Curl 10×10

Legs – Squats 10×10/ Calf Raises 10×10

Antagonist Training – Intermediate Lifters (6-12 months of lifting Experience) 

Chest/Back – Bench press 10×10/Barbell Row 10×10

Legs/Shoulders – Squats 10×10/Military Press 10×10

Arms – Barbell Curl 10×10/SkullCrushers 10×10

Single Body Part (5 day split) – Advanced lifters (Year+ of lifting experience) 

Chest – Bench press 10×10/ Chest fly’s 3×8-12

Back – Barbell Row 10×10/Lateral PullDowns 3×8-12

Shoulders – Military Press 10×10/ Side Lateral Raise 3×8-12

Legs – Squats 10×10/Hamstring Curls 10×10/ Calf Raises 3×8-12

Arms- Barbell Curl 10×10/SkullCrushers 10×10/Concentration Curls 3×8-12/Cable Pulldowns 3×8-12


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