Doug Collins Out in Philadelphia

The first casualty of the Andrew Bynum era is coach Doug Collins. As reported by Yahoo! Sports on Sunday, Collins has made the decision to  resign at the end of the 2013 season. A franchise that took a huge step back this season simply does not have the fire it had a year ago, with their winning percentage dropping by over .100. The 76ers that bounced the Chicago Bulls in a 1/8 matchup in the 2012 playoffs is long gone.

Injuries to Thaddeus Young and Jason Richardson have hampered an already doomed squad following the failed trade for Andrew Bynum from the Los Angeles Lakers. Collins led the upstart 76ers to a playoff berth in the lockout-shortened ’11-’12 season and was expecting to have more success with a powerful star in the middle of the floor. However, Bynum’s degenerative knees, among other factors detrimental to the team, led to an abysmal season for Philadelphia. It seems the 61-year-old head coach wants nothing to do with an elaborate rebuilding effort in the City of Brotherly Love.

Sources have claimed that Collins would consider staying with the 76ers if a front office job was on the table.  This would mean that Collins’ coaching career will perhaps come to a close after stints with the Chicago Bulls, the Detroit Pistons, the Washington Wizards, and most recently the Philadelphia 76ers.


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