BREAKING NEWS: Boston Marathon Ends In Explosion

While the Boston Marathon has been run for the past 116 times without incident, today an explosion, possibly multiple, went off near the finish line as thousands of people crossed and others awaited the runners.

While there is currently very little information and even less that is confirmed, there is some description of the scene. It has been said to have smoke as high as 50 feet in the air, with some witnesses describing it as a “massive explosion”.

At this time there is no information on the amount of people injured/dead. Local Police, fire department, and medical personnel are on the scene.

Updates will be posted as soon as we find out more information.

UPDATE: At least 23 people injured and two dead after bomb explosion. 5:02 PM

UPDATE: 2 dead and 78 injured 7:22PM.

UPDATE: 3 dead. No high-grade explosives used. 141 people being treated in the hospital. Possible suspect: dark skinned male with a black backpack, who apparently was trying to get into the “restricted area” five minutes prior to the explosion. Cell-phone communication has been turned off to prevent remote detonation. 9:30 PM

– provided by Tim Lingle.

UPDATE: One suspect killed earlier this morning, the other has fled. Massive Man Hunt underway. 8:12 PM

UPDATE: SWAT has surrounded a house in Boston, with suspect inside. 9:07 AM.


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