Angels in the Outfield Review


Angels in the Outfield is a movie starring Danny Glover, Christopher Lloyd, Tony Danza, and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It’s the fictional story about a boy living in a foster home who prays for the Los Angeles Angels to win the pennant after his father tells him that they’ll be a family again once the Angels do so. Real angels, headed by Lloyd, are then sent to help LA win.

Even though all-stars are far from present on the baseball field, the cast is full of them. Flawless from the start, Danza shows pure talent as a pitcher who has lung cancer. His portrayal of cancer far outdoes the recent acting escapades of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in All Things Fall Apart. Glover gives the realistic and intense attitude on the baseball field which is present in every pennant race. Chris Lloyd, playing his zany self, was wonderful and uplifting as the lead angel.

The movie fell apart every time the young Gordon-Levitt spoke though leading to an unrealistic feeling of anguish at the loss of his family. He was absolutely talentless. In one scene he attempted to convince everyone in the stands to wave their arms like angels. Considering this is a movie, everyone followed on cue. And that is the exact moment where the movie began to disappoint. No crowd in their right mind would believe this kid. His acting was so strained and forced. The tears were unreal. He selfishly attempted to steal the show away from both his foster mother and foster brother; J.P. Someone should have taught this child some lessons on forgiveness and sharing.

But Milton Davis Jr. who played J.P, ended up being the hidden gem of the entire picture. There were times when I had to ask the question whether or not this was all just one big Truman Show type movie and J.P. was the only person who didn’t know it was only a film. For a second at the end, my heart sincerely dropped when I thought he was going to be left behind by the thankless Gordon-Levitt, but was immediately picked right back up when Glover extended the offer and the smile wrapped from ear to ear across Davis Jr.’s face. If he isn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actor, I will have lost all faith in humanity.

Overall, the movie was decent, and definitely worth a few watches.



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