Yu Darvish One Away From Perfection

Yu Darvish was just one out away from a perfect game yesterday against the Houston Astros. Marwin Gonzalez (who?), Houston’s shortstop and number 9 batter, stepped up to the plate and smacked the first pitch through Darvish’s legs for a single. Yu Darvish, 26, turned and watched the ball travel to the outfield with a smile on his face. Obviously, he was disappointed with the hit, but he did not seem to care about the perfect game as much as everyone else did.

Ron Washington then started to approach the mound, while the infield gathered on the mound and patted Darvish on the back. Washington called in Michael Kirkman to finish off the game for the Rangers. Kirkman did just that and finished off Darvish’s incredible performance.

Right from the beginning, Yu Darvish was straight-up dominant. He threw a total of 111 pitches, wtih 78 of them being strikes. 27 of the 78 strikes happened to be swing and misses, the second most in the MLB in the last five years. In his 8 2/3 innings, Darvish went on to strike-out 14 batters, 12 of them on breaking balls. The Astros’ batters had no answer for the righty’s variety of pitches. Yu is said to have six total pitches in his arsenal. He put a show on for the nation, and if he continues to perform similarly to yesterday’s level, he will undoubtedly be one of the favorites to win the Cy Young.


2 thoughts on “Yu Darvish One Away From Perfection

  1. Reminds me of how John Maine’s no hitter was broken up by Paul Hoover the Marlin’s back up catcher who only entered the game because Miguel Olivo got ejected for trying to start a fight with Reyes. He winds up hitting a bleeder towards third and the no-hitter disappeared.

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