Knicks Vs Heat Recap

I would say that my earlier predictions held true, for the most part. The Knicks did indeed win, 102-90, a solid victory but not quite a blowout. The deficit entering the second half concerned me a bit, but Carmelo Anthony stepped up huge with his 3rd 50-point game of his career. One of my goals for this game was wanting Melo to get a better feel for his shot. Shooting 18-26, I looked for him to do his damage in the paint. However as you can see:

He made four shots around the paint and none in, which to me, is amazing. I also called for rest for Kidd and Martin (27 minutes and 24 minutes).

However, Felton played 38 minutes, Melo played 40, and Chandler played 24 minutes. While Chandler’s minutes are acceptable, I am not a fan of Felton playing 38 and Melo as well. But, the game was still in reach and obviously, as the two catalysts (Felton 9 assists, Melo 50 pts.), you can’t blame Woodson.

Another concern was that they only won by ten points against a team sitting two of their stars. This was only accomplished because they shot 52% from the field and from three (14-27). This reliance on the three is not a proven way to win championships, as it is not easy to be consistent with this type of offense.

Again the victory was a bit of a sloppy one, but the game had to be won with Atlanta, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Indiana, and another game against Atlanta coming up on the schedule. Whatever the case may be, these last games will prove to be a challenge. Down the stretch, the Knicks will have the opportunity to show the fans, as well as the rest of the league, that they are serious title contenders.


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