How is Caffeine affecting you? How much is too much?

Like most people I would wake up and immediately look for my morning cup of coffee. In high school waking up at 7am to start class at 8am wasn’t a simple task, and every morning I would get my fresh brewed cup of coffee from a local Quick Chek, or Dunkin Donuts. This became a habit, a habit that I couldn’t choose to just stop, it was addicting. I had slowly become more tolerant towards caffeine and a simple coffee just didn’t do it.  I would constantly increase my cups of coffee in the , ask for espresso shots, and drink an energy drink for lunch. The first problem I noticed was insomnia. At night I could not fall asleep, and during the day I would be exhausted, which then led to more caffeine consumption. I had a constant feeling of jitters, and was always very anxious.

I recently had cut myself off from coffee, and energy drinks. I have noticed that I have been getting much better sleep at nights, and I fall asleep much easier, because the caffeine isn’t flowing through my system while I should be resting. I’m much more calm during the day, and have been in much better moods. There is nothing wrong with having a cup of coffee to give you a nice little boost, just don’t consume too much. A healthy adult can usually consume around 300mg and not experience any harmful effects. Caffeine is addicting so drink it with caution.


One thought on “How is Caffeine affecting you? How much is too much?

  1. I completely agree with this post. I am currently on a project of abstaining from caffeine for a whole 30 days. It has been really affecting my digestive health and I want to see how much of these complaints have to do with caffeine.

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